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Every day people are forced to leave their native lands due to  war, conflict or natural disasters  and many seek refuge in Uganda. There they find a temporary succor, but they still face more challenges as they become highly dependent on the generosity of the international  community  for their survival and livelihood. In many cases, international communities and the host government neglect these people, because they are concerned about them becoming dependent upon humanitarian assistance. In addition, humanitarian assistance often can not sufficiently provide for all of their needs.

People who live in refugee camps struggle with daily hardships and wonder desperately about their chance of someday achieving a secure and stable life. Most  refugees have escaped unspeakable suffering and are carrying very heavy psycho-emotional burdens and deep inner wounds from which they struggle to recover. They may fall into dangerous, vicious cycles caused by dark remembrances, bitter regrets, self-demeaning behavior, swallowed anger, rumination, desire for revenge, and a deep sense of hopelessness. 

Plethora Social Initiative is a refugee-led organization that develops the inner potential and capacities of refugees and their host communities. We seek to encourage and develop each person's unique abilities as we serve large communities, all while developing a regenerative culture. Plethora offers a learning environment and a community of practitioners that together will build a resilient local community. Together, we are building skills, capacities, knowledge, values, and creative thinking while providing the necessary tools to create thriving communities.

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