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Thank you for your interest in supporting Plethora Social Initiative.

Your support will make a difference for refugee communities in Uganda. Here are suggested ways you can help:

Our team is looking forward to partnering with you to make refugee communities in Uganda better places to live and to bring hope and smiles back to residents of refugee facilities. You can help in three ways:

Due to the challenges that our refugee community is going through among them “luck of food” which is a basic human, we implemented an approach of permaculture design course to address this challenge, you can learn more about it here

We use this approach to address the food security in refugee and host community. We use this course as a tool to build long-term resilience, increase food security and introduce diverse, abundant and nutritious sources of food grown locally.  The students selected for each training cohort go through a leaning journey that includes implementation of design principles, innovative approach towards intensive food production, an exploration of land and other resources, and learning about sustainable livelihoods. And we eventually support the trainees with basic garden tools and to start growing food in home gardens with the knowledge of permaculture

We are hosting our next cohort in  November 7th to December 7th, this will be one month learning bootcamp where we are targeting to train 100 vulnerable local farmers and support them with basic garden tools  including (watering can, hoe, machete ,spade, Rake and seed box)

Therefore, our financial budget to make this happening coast 5.000$ which is 50$ supporting one local farmer with a tool kit and seed box.

We know that together everyone archive more , and every action counts , we humbly come to you with your generous heart to stand with refugees in Uganda by supporting this program by making a donation of anything  you feel like you can using this link


  • 500$: will support 10 vulnerable refugees with a toolkits and seed box

  • 250$ will support 5 vulnerable refugees with tool kits and seed box

  • 100$ will support 2 vulnerable refugees with tool kits and seed box

  • 50$ will support 1 vulnerable refugee with tool kit and seed box

  • 25 $ will support 1 vulnerable refugee with half of tool kit

  • 15$ will support 1 vulnerable refugee with a seed box

  • 10$ will support 1 vulnerable refugee with hoe and pa panga

  • 5 Will support 1 vulnerable refugee with a panga

Make your donation using the link bellow :


1. Become an ambassador for Plethora Social Initiative: Our team will provide you with training on refugee issues. As an ambassador, we will then ask you to share the information with potential donors in your network, such as friends and family, neighbors, professional associates, fellow students, work colleagues, and others who might be moved to support our mission. If you decide to become an ambassador, we would love to publish your photo and bio on our website, if you are comfortable with that. Please contact us at for more information about becoming an ambassador. We look forward to working with you!

2. Develop a crowdfunding campaign on any fundraising platform: We encourage others to help Plethora Social Initiative to expand its work and increase its impact by helping us to raise funds and increase the resources available for our programs. 

3. Donate directly to Plethora by clicking on the donate button below. Please consider committing to a monthly donation if you can!

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