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Plethora empowers urban refugees, refugees in settlements and host communities by offering a permaculture and whole system design course. Our goal is to create an abundant local human habitat that provides for all people while still protecting and regenerating the natural environment . The training starts with learning about plants and expands into every aspect of people's lives. We use this course as a tool to build long-term resilience, increase food security and introduce diverse, abundant and nutritious sources of food grown locally.  The students selected for each training cohort go through a leaning journey that includes implementation of design principles, an innovative approach towards intensive food production, an exploration of land and other resources, and learning about sustainable livelihoods. 

The refugee participants learn to engage in permaculture through an intentional use of their available resources.

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In an environment of extreme scarcity, refugees in Uganda are struggling to provide for themselves and their families in their host community. These people are particularly vulnerable, most are youth and young adults and they lack employment opportunities.  Plethora teaches these refugees the entrepreneurial skills they need to be able to create their own businesses  and improve their livelihoods. Our learning environment  develops the inner potential and capacities of refugees and people from the host communities, which allows them to express their unique gifts, talents and skills so they can then serve their larger communities. 



Plethora addresses climate change by reducing carbon emissions through recycling waste from hotels, markets, and local streets. We compost these materials and  turn them into organic manure that is used to fertilize our gardens and protect against soil deterioration. Our program participants learn about this process and are encouraged to do their part to help.



This campaign brings people together to promote social cohesion between refugees and residents of the host community and create new social networks. At the same time, the campaign builds practical skills to sustain people's livelihoods. Plethora provides training in regenerative practices that teaches participants to grow their own food while we support them with agricultural tools and seeds. This program gives participants a sense of belonging and purpose that will help them to thrive.


           FEED  ONE 

Plethora provides support for the most vulnerable children in the community, which includes orphans and children living with malnutrition. We solicit donations of food and then distribute it to new arrivals and families in refugee settlements. 

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We offer Information and Communications Training (ICT) to local disadvantage communities. Our goal is to create a vibrant and prosperous future for all free from poverty. Plethora wishes to see young refugees living a life full of hope, where they can pursue their dreams and aspirations. This program is key to broadening education and livelihoods opportunities in refugee and host communities in Uganda.

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